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What to Know About Home Inspections

We always advise home buyers to arrange an inspection of a home they are purchasing, and most of them do so. The best inspectors are certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), which means that they have completed a significant amount of training in the craft of inspecting houses, townhouses and condos to see if there are defects or dangers that the buyers need to know about. Some inspectors are also licensed contractors, which adds a layer of knowledge and experience in home construction to their resume.

There are a couple of things to know about the inspection process. First, it is largely visual and depends on the inspector’s ability to see signs or clues about possible problems without actually opening up any walls, etc. The inspectors can open the cover of the electrical panel box, and they do go into the crawl space and the attic as long as they are accessible. Many inspectors do not go onto the roof, but a few still do – if it is the kind of roof that can be walked on.

If you suspect that a property you are buying may have a problem with the roof, the heating and cooling system (HVAC), mold, termites, radon, etc, then you may want to engage a separate contractor/inspector who specializes in those topics. The usual home inspectors are generalists, and they can point out things that are suspicious and need further investigation. However, they are not licensed to open up the HVAC system, for example, or to make a determination about the presence of mold. If they suspect there is mold in the crawl space, they will say that some kind of organic material was observed.

All home inspectors should provide you with a written report promptly after the inspection, and preferably the main items of the report should be illustrated with clear photos of the problems or potential problems being described.

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